A Design Company

Whalerjack is a Toronto based BCIN Registered Design Firm in the classes of:

Small Buildings  
Large Buildings, Complex Buildings & Part 9 Fire Protection
Plumbing House
Plumbing All Buildings
Building Services
Building Structural
Detection - Lighting and Power
HVAC House

Design Services include construction consultation and Building Permit consultation, limited to Part 9 buildings, 600M2 & three-storeys (max.), residential, industrial, retail / mercantile, and business & personal services (a.k.a. "occupancy types"). 

Whalerjack also provides design services to the public, including building code consultation and drafting services.

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HVAC Design

We provide certified HVAC duct design and Heat Loss / Heat Gain calculations for Part 9 buildings, additions, renovations and new buildings for the purposes of applying for a building permit in Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario, Canada.

Our services include Energy Efficiency design as regulated by the Ontario Building Code, duct design and layout (including duct sizing), and heat loss / heat gain calculations.

We strive to be your one stop building permit application consultant to assist you in having a building permit issued to you.